We are able to meet the needs of prenatal women by helping them work through their anxiety about childbirth and motherhood. We support birth planning and troubleshooting prenatal discomforts. We work with their anxiety, depression, or other mood issues to prevent their prenatal stress from developing into postpartum depression.

Patients are worked with either in groups or individually. All prenatal patients are assessed twice during pregnancy and given the option for the support that meets their needs. We also work with couples to prepare them for parenthood together.



Postpartum stress is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it has to develop into postpartum depression. We work with new moms on bonding with their baby, troubleshooting postpartum problems and concerns, coping with the loss of their old lives and adjusting to their new roles as mothers. We support mothers through the difficulties of breast feeding in whatever way is right for each mom. We help moms transition back into the workforce and support their creating the work-life balance that works for them. We work to prevent postpartum depression or go into action to alleviate it.

We work with all postpartum mood disorders either in groups or individually. We run a variety of postpartum groups for moms to choose from. We support couples during this transition by working with both the couple together and/or separate. All patients are spoken to via a direct phone call within the first few weeks postpartum and assessed again at six weeks postpartum. Follow-up calls and interventions are on an as needed basis.

Perinatal loss

We know the isolation and trauma that comes with perinatal loss. We understand that this invisible loss is often misunderstood by the people surrounding the patient. We are able to address that loss in a way that supports and heals a path towards recovery. Often that path leads to becoming pregnant again, in those cases we work with patients through that process. We offer patients the option to continue to work together throughout pregnancy, as this time is often riddled with fear of loss and ambivalence. We understand that groups are critical to the healing process at this point and offer groups, individual and couples work to all loss patients.

IVF & other fertility issues

We work with women and couples during the IVF process, by supporting them through a scary and unpredictable time and standing by the patient in her transition into pregnancy. We recommended continued access thorough out pregnancy to address the fears that come from being pregnant after loss or a challenging conception process. We work with patients both individually and in groups.