We address the mental health needs of prenatal, postpartum, and perinatal loss patients by installing an effective, reliable treatment and assessment program into their OB practices.

We train and implement a full-service mental health assessment and intervention program into OB practices. The current model for prenatal and postpartum depression treatment is flawed because the vast majority of OB practices are simply not equipped to address the mental health needs of their patients. This program’s key – and urgently necessary – innovation is its approach to incorporating the screening, intervening, and meeting into an existing OB practice.  By working with patients within an environment they already trust, the program eliminates many of the obstacles that often prevent women from obtaining the mental health care they need.

When practices refer patients externally for mental health, there is an alarmingly high attrition rate. To combat this problem, NAPS was created to ensure that patients are able get the support they need. NAPS reduces the barrier to entry to postpartum depression prevention, most notably for patients at the most critical point in their perinatal mental health. The comprehensive nature of this program allows for patients’ needs to be met in a manner that far exceeds the current standard of care available from existing OB practices.  NAPS partners with the OB practices to assist in managing the program and its program employees, as well as maintaining financials and development.  Additionally, we offer to license the program to practices that adopt and appropriately enact our proven model. The NAPS program includes multiple mental health screeners, follow-up support, support for the physician, patient management, calls, group facilitation, and one-on-one therapy for patients. NAPS comes equipped with all program materials.

We work with existing OB practices, IVF clinics, birthing centers, midwives and pediatrician offices.

Our Story

Working as a psychoanalyst and a postpartum doula separately showed Golzar how easily it was for women to fall between the cracks in our current perinatal health care system. Most women don't have access to perinatal mental health care or they are too filled with shame for needing help that they don't reach out. Their doctors are often overextended or don’t have the time or proper training to help. In response, Golzar began crafting a program that brought together the practical support and problem troubleshooting of a postpartum doula and the mental health support of a psychoanalyst. With the support of two Downtown Women OB practitioners, she found a way to integrate this her carefully designed program into an OB practice. She then piloted this program at Downtown Women OBGYN in Soho and has been successfully running this financially sustainable program for the past few years. It quickly became apparent that this kind of support program is critically needed in every OB, pediatrician practice, fertility practice, or other facilities where perinatal care is provided. This led to the creation of the Network for the Advancement of Perinatal Support (NAPS), a consulting company that can seamlessly implement this program into any practice, manage it, and bring together practitioners in the perinatal support community. We work together with other practitioners to enhance women's access to perinatal support and get them the appropriate support when it is most critical.